Registrations and re-registrations

  • support of state registration / re-registration of medicines;
  • represent the interests of the producer in the state authorities;

Sales organization

organization distribution network in considered countries; introduction of products into major pharmacy chains and pharmacies; supply of pharmaceutical products;

Promozione di marketing di prodotti

Каждый веб-разработчик знает, что такое текст-«рыба». Текст этот, несмотря на название, не имеет никакого отношения к обитателям водоемов. Используется он веб-дизайнерами для вставки на интернет-страницы и демонстрации внешнего вида контента,...

Organization of supplies to Ukraine

provision of logistics; customs clearance of goods; storage of goods in specialized warehouses;

Preliminary market research

market and competitive environment analysis; assessment of risks and opportunities of pharmaceutical products on the market; identification of trends and prospects; new product launch; calculation of the budget and development...

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